Nursery Fees

IDEA Nursery operates as a fee-paying nursery within Dubai that is regulated by the Ministry of Education. All information and communication relating to center fees is approved by the Ministry of Education.


Nursery Fee Discount


For the remainder of Term 3, we will offer no registrations fees, no admissions fees and 20% discount on 5 days & 3 days pro-rata till the end of the term. If you register before 30th June you will receive 20% discount on Tuition fee for 2019-2020.


For September 2019, we are offering 20% discount on 5 and 3 days plus 2 weeks of camp that can be used throughout the year.


2019/20 Academic Year MOE Approved Fees

This fee schedule is applicable for term time.

Number of Days Termly AED Yearly AED
5 days 8:00am – 1:00pm 10500 31,500
3 days 8:00am – 1:00pm 8500 25,500
2 days 8:00am – 1:00pm 6600 19,800

Additional Fees for Extra Time

Club 3 days 5 days
Early Bird Club (7:00-8am) 700 AED per term 1000 AED per
Early Afternoon Club (1-3:30pm) 1200 AED per term       1700 AED per
Late Afternoon Club
1400 AED per term   2000 AED per term
Early Evening Club (5pm-6pm)                 700 AED per term   1000 AED per term
Daily Fees    
Early Bird Daily (7:00-8am)  20 AED  

Additional Fees at Registration

Additional Fees Amount
Application Fee 500
Admission Fee 1000
Medical Fee (payable at the start of each new Academic Year) 500
Re-Enrollment Fee (Refundable from your first term fee) 1000